Planting a Memorial Tree

Planting a Memorial Tree

Planting a tree in remembrance or as a memorial to someone is a wonderful way to serve honor to their memory. In fact, planting a tree will aid in a living tribute to them now and in the future to come. Planting a tree also can help with easing a little of the unremarkable grief that one often feels when losing a loved one or special person.  You see the tree and thrive and grow to symbolize their memory lives on even if they are physically unable to be here. 

Many times when looking to plant a tree in memory of someone, the person or people are not sure how to go about picking the right tree. Dan, a certified arborist with All About Trees based in Phoenix, Arizona, lends his advice and expertise when it comes to planting trees. While most of his time is spent tending to his Gilbert tree trimming service, his company has planted many trees for clients in remembrance of someone special. While a lot of the time people will pick a tree based on what the favorite type of tree was of the loved one in remembrance, not all will know exactly what or if they even really had a favorite tree. This is why he says it is great to pick a tree based on the personality of the person. It helps to make memorial tree planting a little more unique to the individual.

Most Common Memorial Trees

Oak Trees

Often associated with strength & courage and are known to live for many centuries. This is a great memorial tree choice for those that fought a battle with cancer or another disease. Or even someone that showed true strength & courage throughout their lives. As the Oak Tree does, their memory will live on for generations to come. 

Olive Trees

These trees have been known throughout biblical times as a symbol of peace and friendship. This is a great tree to represent the memory of a dear & true friend. They are also a great tree choice in representing any relationship that will continue to live on after their passing.

Apple Trees

Apple trees have long shown the symbolization of health and vitality. The fruit of these trees can also symbolize new life even after a loss.

Hazel trees

These trees are known to represent wisdom and knowledge. They make a great memorial tree for those who gave great advice or possessed great wisdom & insight.

Whatever the tree you choose a lot of the decision should be based on the representation of the person but also on the vitality of the tree in the climate it will be plated in. You want to make sure that you plant a tree that will prosper and live long while receiving the people tree nurturing it needs.

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